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Emerald Beach RV Park Monthly Guidelines

Monthly guests, in consideration of all our nightly guests, we do ask and expect everyone to follow these guidelines. RV's older than 10 years of age will be required to submit photos to management for approval. Exceptions to the guidelines will only be made by managers or the owner. Violators of these guidelines will be given a chance to rectify the problems; if problems persist, guests will be asked to leave the park without a refund.

  1. Monthly Payments

    • All monthly guest payments must be paid on the due date or in advance. If not paid within (5) days of the due date, guests will be charged a $35 late fee.  Ten days (10) or more the reservation goes to a daily/weekly reservation which will result in loss of any grandfather statuses if applicable.

    • Rates for 1 or 2 people. Additional people will be an additional $78.40 per month. No more than 6 people per site, which includes small children and visitors.

    • Metered sites will be read and paid for at the time the monthly payment is due. Electric is at a rate of $0.13 per kilowatt used. Rate is subject to change without notice. Please confirm your meter reading upon arrival and at the time of departure.

    • If you are staying multiple months, your security deposit will be applied to your last month payment.

    • We require an electric deposit ($75-$150 depending on season) upon arrival which will be held until departure.

    • Electric deposit will be returned upon agreed departure date provided:

      • Site is fully cleaned at your departure time

      • All charges including electric are paid up to date at the time of departure

  2. Pet and Visitor’s policy must be initialed on receipt

  3. Site Appearance

    • Please keep site clean, no trash, paper or dog deposits should be left on any site.

    • Keep outside objects to a minimum. We do not allow bird feeders in the park.

    • No pallets, screen rooms, tool sheds or exterior appliances are allowed.

    • No clothes lines except for back of site, away from road. Do not hang anything from the trees.

    • No mechanical work can be done on one site without approval from management. Non-operative vehicles are prohibited in the park and will be towed at the owner’s expense.

    • One vehicle per site. Extra vehicles must park in overflow parking areas and have parking pass.

  4. Sewer Connections

    • Florida law requires a solid sewer connection, either a connector or a donut.

    • Please use your black water holding tank. (Open valves and pump as needed)

    • Use chemicals to help dissolve solids. Do not pour grease or other objects in sewer lines

    • Sewage hose should be cut to length and elevated properly along with water and cable lines.

  5. TV and Internet

    • Emerald Beach RV Park provides free wifi, however, we do not guarantee speed

    • Guests must use Over The Air Antenna, Streaming device, hotspot or their own dish for tv & internet services. Emerald Beach RV Park does not allow the use of tv & internet cable companies within the park.

      • Mediacom, AT&T, Cox, and like companies are not permitted to do any work or installations within the park.

  6. No firearms or fireworks allowed in the park.

  7. Only propane fire pits raised off the ground are allowed on site.

  8. No sublease, sharing or renting out of RV or RV site

  9. Please keep bath houses and park clean and leave it as you would like to find it.


No Tax Early Departure Policy-If you are not being charged tax due to the length of your stay and you have signed the “no tax agreement” and choose to leave before 184 days, you will forfeit all deposits held and back taxes will be charged on your credit card. The security deposit will not apply towards any back taxes.

One Month Early Departure Policy-If you are only staying one month and decide to depart early, your reservation will revert to the daily rate, and you will forfeit all deposits held. If there is a refund due to you, it will be returned to your credit card.

Multiple Month Early Depart- We must have ONE MONTH OR MORE notice to return deposits. The security deposits will be applied to your last month’s payment. If notice is not given, the security deposit is forfeited.  


I have acknowledged and agree to all terms while I am staying at Emerald Beach RV Park. I also understand that If I do not follow said information, I can be asked to leave the park at any time, without refund.

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